Graphic design service

Graphic design service

What I Offer

My service includes logo design and continues with image creation for social media, video editing, graphic design for T-shirts, hoodies and much more. Below I have selected one complex work I created for the SouthBay Davui non-profit organization.

Each designer is unique and has his own graphic style.

Graphic design for Southbay Davui

SouthBay Davui – graphic design service

Years: 2015, 2016, 2018

As you can see on the left side I worked with non-profit organisation SouthBay Davui.

Logo design

First, I created the unique logo. After that I created many posters, leaflets, flyers, stickers, invitations. 

Video editing

Next I did video editing service. My client sent me recorded mobile videos and my service contained these steps: cutting, inserting music and images into a video and exporting the final cut.


And the last step was the merchandise: to create design for cap and T-shirt

Quality Guaranteed

I do my best for my clients and customers. I guarantee quality graphic service, logo design and photography service. Every graphic design on the T-shirts, hoodies and leggings is my own, so you can see my graphic style.

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